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Swagtron T881 Twist Hoverboard w/ LED 6.5” Wheels Lithium-Free Dual 250W Motors

Swagtron T881 Twist Hoverboard w/ LED 6.5” Wheels Lithium-Free Dual 250W Motors

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Swagtron T881 Twist Remix Kids Hoverboardwith  LED 6.5” Wheels | Lithium-Free UL-Compliant Battery w/ Quantum Protection| Dual  250W Motors, 7MPH | Self-Balancing Scooterfor Kids, Girls& Boys

  • Laser light-up wheels —  light up, show off and ride on, with this hover board’s 6. 5-Inch LED wheels  light up to show the world your style.
  • Powerfully robust — dual 250-watt motors power This  two-wheel self-balancing board up to 7 mph, with enough torque to conquer  30-degree hills without breaking a sweat.
  • Always in balance — learn proper balance and riding  technique faster, thanks to smart auto-balancing tech that automatically  balances the electric scooter for kids upright as soon as it’s powered on.
  • Enhanced system safeguards — the ul-compliant lithium-free  battery efficiently handles power, able to fully charge up the Swagboard  twist remix electric hoverboard in just 4-5 hours.
  • World-class support — Backed by our 90-Day , this  self-balancing scooter is supported by customer support team fully staffed  in the U. S. Available via phone, email or chat support.

Swagboard T881 Twist Remix Lithium-Free Hoverboard for Kids with LED Wheels

Swagboard T881  Twist Remix Lithium-Free Hoverboard for Kids with LED Wheels

Hop onboard, wow your friends and ride like a pro. Just you, your skills and  your Swagboard Twist Remix from SWAGTRON. Like any great DJ or producer, we took  the best parts of our top-selling Swagboard Twist and turned it into a bona fide  hit for 2019. New eye-catching design. Powerfully robust motors. Efficient,  lithium-free battery. Built with the same exceptional and legendary quality and  attention to manufacturing excellence that put SWAGTRON on the map.

Quality Without Compromise

We’ve spared no expense to bring you a hoverboard that looks good and rides even  better. Built with longevity in mind, the Swagboard Twist Remix features  maintenance-free 6.5-inch rubber tires that will never go flat, no matter how  rough the ride is.

A dynamic pair of 250-watt motors provide thrilling acceleration, up to 7 mph.  The high-torque motors easily conquer steep 30-degree hills. Hop on the non-slip  footpads and take a cruise through local parks, coast along the pier or just go  on a magnificent joyride. The Swagboard Twist Remix was made for you to ride  longer, adventure harder and explore more.

Hoverboard . . . or Laserboard?

Some riders are okay with just the basics: speed, control and durability. But we  know you want the most from your self-balancing hoverboard. That’s why we built  the Twist Remix with laser-sharp design with laser wheels. Okay, they’re not  actually lasers. But they are dazzling and brilliant — a spectacular way to show  off your style and personality as you blaze through the neighborhood in full  color. After all, what’s the point of having flair without the flash?


Dimensions: 24 x 7 x 7 in. | Net Weight: 22 lb. | Max. Capacity: 200 lb. | Frame  Material: ABS casing | Pedal Height: 4.3 in. | Wheel Size: 6.5 in. | Wheel  Materials

– Rim: Aluminum | Tire Materials: Solid rubber | Motor: 2x 250W | Max. Speed: 7  mph (11 km/h) | Range per Charge: 4.8 mi. | Battery: Lithium-free | Charging  Voltage: 110-240V / 30.2Vdc 0.5A | Charging Time: ~5.5 hours | Battery  Protection: SentryShield | Compliance: UL2272-compliant | IP Rating: IPX4 | Additional Features: Battery and system indicators, LED wheel lights, LED  headlights, LED movement indicators | Available Colors: Black, Blue, Garnet  (Red)

Battery and system indicators, LED wheel lights, LED headlights, LED movement indicators









A dynamic pair of 250-watt motors provide thrilling acceleration, up to 7 mph








Curved for  Comfort

A Self-Balancing Hoverboard That Actually Self-Balances

All Thrills — No Frills

Everything about the Twist Remix is designed to enhance the adventure. Movement  indicators tells pedestrians around you that you’re turning left, right or  coming to a stop. Built-in indicators let you keep track of battery life and  system diagnostics. And if the sun calls it quits before you do, the LED  headlights will light your way back home.

Tired of the same-ol’? Then it’s time for a remix — the Swagboard Twist Remix  from SWAGTRON.

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