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King Song 18XL 18'' Wheel 1554Wh 2000W Plus Pedal

King Song 18XL 18'' Wheel 1554Wh 2000W Plus Pedal

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  • Material :ABS + PC
  • Removable battery :1554wh(original high-quality imported lithium battery)
  • Charge time: about 7 hours for the first charge, 3.5 hours for the second charge
  • Mileage: about 150km
  • Dc charger: input: ac 80~240 v, output :84V, 2A
  • Max speed: 40km/h, 50km/h after decoding,
  • Above 200km rated power :2000W Max load :120kg
  • Maximum slope: about 35°
  • Size :590*495*180 mm
  • Color: white/black/rubber black

Notable Improvements:

1) The Battery

The most notable upgrade of the KS18XL is the 1554Wh battery pack, over the 1036Wh in the 18L, without materially altering the body. Cramming in 120 battery cells within the internal body structure is quite an achievement. Not only does this higher cell count provide 50% more range over the 18L, but the six parallel packs (20s6p) operate in tandem to provide more power at lower charge states, permitting maximum 30MPH sustained cruising speed all the way down to  25% level of charge. The type of battery cells that used, are the Samsung 35E, with a 3.5Ah rated capacity & a 10A sustained output; combined these can yield up to 4,320W of sustained power. It is highly unlikely that the battery will be a bottleneck to the 18XL’s performance.

2) Improved trolley mechanism:

It took several iterations for the Engineers to produce a retractable telescopic handle that would endure the rigors of every day usage. On the first round of 18Ls, the locking pin & latch joints were too thin for the added weight of the 18L—the same retracting telescopic rails were used from the earlier 16S, instead of scaling up to support the additional load. On the newer 18Ls & the 18Xls, it is now completely redesigned, that should last for many years. Of all the various handle solutions that are out there, it is generally agreed that the central position design on the King Song Electric Unicycles is best-of-breed for usability. Instead of the flimsy plastic handle of the 16S, the 18L/XL is made off a durable but lightweight magnesium alloy material, has a very nice sturdy feel to it.

3) Largest, most comfortable pedals:

Every since the earliest Solowheels were unveiled back in 2011, all Electric Unicycles have suffered from pedals that were insufficient to provide full coverage for a average Western Rider’s foot, this resulted in the front third of the foot overhanging off the front of the pedal, causing discomfort, foot-cramping, & a sense of precariousness, particularly for new Riders. The main reason this deficiency was not addressed earlier, was that the centers of development/production in China did not consider it a priority to enlargen the pedal surface area. With the release of the KS18XL, eWheels sponsored the development of a new pedal design that would be better suited to meet the needs of our Customers base. The length of the pedal has been extended from 7.9″/20cm to 10″/25cm. Early feedback from evaluators is that this has made a dramatic improvement to ride comfort.


    • 1 year on all non-wearing parts
    • 1 month on wearing parts such as wheels and case


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