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Gotway Monster 3 Electric Unicycle 84V/100V Black

Gotway Monster 3 Electric Unicycle  84V/100V Black

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This most recent iteration of the Monster is mainly structural & exterior aesthetic, although there are some new features as well. Gotway has a new faux carbon fiber black shell, with reinforced ribs for stronger structural strength.

What New in the Monster V3:

  • Nikola Pedals: fitted with the latest version of the Nikola pedals & grip-tape surface—the original Nikola pedals had a rubber surface that could be slippery in wet conditions.
  • Under-handle Lift Switch: convenient feature when lifting the Wheel up to pick up a curb or climb stairs, this suppresses the motor from spinning up.
  • Brighter Headlight: more powerful ~1000 lumen headlight for riding in low light conditions.
  • Thicker Gauge Charging Input Wires: claims to support up to 20A of charging. While the wiring may support this rate of charge, it is generally not recommended to use more than 8-10A of charging current, owing to the risk that if one of the battery packs develops a problem, the remaining pack will taking too much current.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: integrated dual-5W speakers, provides the ability to stream music from your phone.
  • Illuminated Monster Logo: an illuminated Monster logo is visible when powered on.


Technical specifications :

Dimension H= 655mm ,L =590mm,W =444mm
Dimension(footrests folded) H=655mm ,L=590 mm,W=231 m
Wheel diameter 590mm
Footrest height 164mm
Rough weight 32.5kg
Net Weight 28.5kg
Safe cruising speed 20km/h
Cruising range 120-160km in real test(70kg rider at 20km/h)
Max climbing 20°in real test(90kg rider)
Max load 120kg
Motor 2500W
Battery 1530/1845wh
Battery Panasonic/Sanyo
Charger 100V/3A
Charging duration 5-7h
Over speed alarm 30km/h ,2beeps/sec;
Incline alarm Automatically shut off to protect rider when wheel is leaning at 35° from forward to backward direction,45° from left and right direction
Speed alarm First class alarm: 2 beeps/sec
Second class alarm: 3beeps/sec
80% motor output, 5 beeps/sec
Other alarm low voltage, <7.2km/h, 2 beeps/sec
low voltage,>7.2km/h,2beeps/2 sec
low voltage, >14.4km/h, 3 beeps/2 sec
 hall malfunction, 2 beeps per 0.5 sec
PCB overheat, 2 beeps(short)
extreme low voltage, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
fall down, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps
over voltage, 3 beeps/2sec
Main board overheat alarm Main board temperature>80,urgent beeps from the wheel,footrests start lifting backward.
Special feature
Calibration Use APP ,to set horizontal level or any footrest angle at your choice
USB 2A output
Charging port 20A short circuit protection
Headlight 500~1200 lumen
Lift stop The motor will stop when you hold the handle lfit the wheel
Bluetooth Speaker Use mobile phone connect the bluetooth play music


Contents of delivery 
  • Electric unicycle 
  • Standard charger 
  • User manual


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