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What Are The Best Electric Scooters To Buy?

When it comes to the absolute best electric scooter, it can be subjective. Every person is different and is our needs, so what one person might feel is the best e-scooter for them might not be the best for you.

However, if you take into consideration specifications in general, some electric scooters do standout. For daily commuters who are looking for a reliable mode of personal transport, the following electric scooters will be an absolute delight:

The Ninebot MAX is the perfect option for people who are looking for powerful performance with a relatively affordable price tag. While not the cheapest option on the list, the Ninebot Max offers amazingly long-range and commendable acceleration compared to other e-scooters in its price range. It also has a shorter charging time than most, and can easily be stored under office desks or in car trunks so daily commuters will love bringing it along with them everywhere.

The Ninebot ES4 is an affordable and high-quality choice that many would enjoy riding through busy city streets. It has a good range which is excellent for moderate distances. It is also lightweight so you can bring it inside trains, buses. Its foldable capacity allows you to store it in your car’s trunk or under your office desk. Plus, it has dual batteries for more power and range.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is another great choice. It has a sleek and minimalist design which can fit most people’s aesthetics. In terms of specifications, it is at par with the Ninebot ES4 which really tells you about its capability to perform really well.

The Inokim OX Super is the best of both worlds between city commuting and off-road riding. If you're not sure whether to get a daily commuter or an off-road scooter, then get the perfect balance. With above-average top speed and long-distance capabilities, the OX Super can switch between your daily commutes and daring sports activities with ease.

The Kaabo Skywalker 10S+ is definitely a compelling choice, and long-distance commuters will, without a doubt, appreciate its extended range capabilities. Aside from that, the Skywalker 10S+ has the potential to go faster and stronger, much like an off-road e-scooter, so adrenaline junkies might prefer it during their daily commutes.

For people who are looking for e-scooters that can withstand going through most terrains and rough riding, the Kaabo Mantis is an excellent off-road option. Depending on how far you’re going to go, you can choose between single or dual motors for a more personalised experience.

Another incredible off-road alternative is the Zero 10X whose impressive 65 kph top speed capabilities will leave your friends in the dust. And that’s not all! You can outspeed them while outdistancing them as well with this e-scooter’s astounding range.

What Are The Best Off-Road Electric Scooters?

Off-road driving is different from your everyday commute to school or work. There are tons of different terrains that are potentially rougher and tougher to drive on. As such, electric scooters made for off-road driving are much more powerful and durable than your typical everyday e-scooter.

When choosing which off-road scooter to get for your exhilarating adventures, you’ll need to really check the specifications of the e-scooter you’re getting. The more powerful, the better (usually). Some of the high-performing scooters that can take you on these thrilling rides are:

The Mercane MX60 is a road warrior, and its design embodies it perfectly. Just by looking at the MX60, you can see how durable it is and how it can withstand the harsher environmental treatment. It has dual motors for maximum power, can go really long distances and is water-resistant so you can drive through shallow puddles effortlessly.

The Kaabo Mantis is also a fantastic line of off-road electric scooters. It has different sub-models which you can choose from. If you want a really personalised ride that can give you precisely the kind of power you need during your tough travels, the Mantis is the electric scooter to go for.

The Zero 11X is called a beast by its manufacturers, and with good reason. With a whopping 150 km maximum range and top speed capabilities of up to 90 kph, it’s like riding a relatively fast car without any doors. Just imagine the feel of the wind while you zoom away! That’s not even taking into account how sturdy it is in almost any rough terrain.

What Are The Best Electric Scooters For Kids?

Electric scooters aren’t just for adults. Their effortless handling and exhilarating speeds make them a fun and exciting toy for sporty kids. But when it comes to gadgets and toys that children come into contact with, safety becomes the top priority. Accidents can happen when riding an electric scooter, just like skateboards and bicycles. So be prepared.

When it comes to electric scooters for kids, you will need to ensure that you’re getting:

  • A size appropriate for their age.
  • Size matters while your kid is still growing. Typical adult electric scooters might be too tall or too heavy for a child to operate. Make sure that you’re getting a model that’s specifically designed for young children’s use.

  • A model that only goes up to a certain speed. Most electric scooters for kids will not reach the top speeds that adult scooters can. This is a safety feature you need to carefully check. Riding an e-scooter at fast speeds may result in accidents and injuries that you can easily avoid. The average top speed of a kid’s e-scooter is about 16kph. Many scooters have the ability to switch between speed modes from eco mode to sports mode, so consider getting a scooter that has this capability. 

  • As for the models, there are tons of unknown brands that cater to electric scooters for kids. As long as you remain vigilant in checking their specifications, a lot of these models are appropriate for children’s use. 

    But if you’re looking for a specific brand, Razor has an extensive line of electric scooters that kids and teens can choose from. Some of the brand favourites are Razor E100 and the Razor Power Core. Both models have a broader base so that kids can find balancing easier. Both also have a top speed of 16 kph with adequate battery power. The Power Core can go for longer at a range of 80 minutes while the E100 can go for only half of that.

    The Segway range of scooters is also a top choice for kids. Segway electric scooters like the Ninebot Max and ES2 are effortless and safe to ride compared to other e-scooters on the market. The multiple speed modes also give you the ability to restrict the top speed until both of you are comfortable. However, at 19kg the Ninebot Max maybe a little on the heavy side for younger kids so if you are worried, go for a lighter model. The eGlide is also a great option with it's light weight and speed mode options.  

    What Is The Best Cheap Electric Scooter?

    It’s a reality that most people will have a tight budget to contend with. Even if you’d rather get super powerful electric scooters, your funds might not allow for it. After all, the more powerful the e-scooter, the heftier its price tag.

    Don’t worry, there are amazing electric scooters that can perform really well and are affordable. One example of the best affordable, quality electric scooter is the Segway Ninebot ES2. Priced at only $699.00, you get a moderate maximum range of 25 km and a top speed of 25 kph (which incidentally is the speed limit of e-scooters here in Australia). Aside from that, the ES2 is a tested fan favourite amongst daily commuters, so you are guaranteed your money’s worth. As a starting electric scooter, the Ninebot ES2 is a smart choice to get.

    Another reasonably-priced and high ranking e-scooter to get when you’re on a tight budget is the E-Glide G60. For only $799, you can already enjoy a standard range of 25 km and a reasonable top speed of 25 kph. What’s more, it features a removable battery so that you can enjoy flexible charging (whatever fits your needs better). For local Aussies everywhere, the G60 is a commendable daily commuter scooter to ride.

    If you have a bit more money to spare, then you can get the best all-around electric scooter that’s also quite affordable. At only $899, the Xiaomi M365 Pro can provide you with more powerful performance than the ES2. While both e-scooters have the same top speeds, the M365 Pro can reach a farther distance of 45 km. It can also give you a much faster acceleration rate than the ES2, reaching 24kph at only 5.3 seconds (vs ES2’s 7.1 seconds). 

    What’s more, the M365 Pro is better at hilly places since it can climb angles thrice as fast. Even its braking system is superior due to its sturdy mechanical disc brake and regenerative brakes. Comparing the two, the M365 Pro is the better quality scooter that’s reasonably priced.

    Which Electric Scooter Travels The Longest?

    In terms of range, most electric scooters have an average maximum range of 45 km. For long-distance commuters, that’s not a bad range to have on an electric scooter. For off-road adventurers, it’s not a lot.

    If you want to go beyond average, the Kaabo Skywalker 10S+ can travel up to 80 to 120 km in just one charge. For a commuter scooter, that’s almost unheard of. For some people, you can travel the entire week from point A to point B without having to recharge your scooter, and that’s convenient and time-saving.

    If you really want to challenge your outgoing spirit, the Zero 11X can take you to new heights with its unparalleled 150 km maximum range. Even for off-road e-scooters, this kind of range is rare and can provide better, thrilling opportunities for you!

    For more flexible riders, an electric scooter that can double as both commuter and off-road is heaven-sent. The Ninebot MAX is one such example. With an incredible range of 65 km, this e-scooter can effortlessly get you from home to school/work and back. But why stop there? You can even take it on unplanned off-road adventures along the way, and still have battery left at the end of the day.

    How Much Does An Electric Scooter Cost?

    The price range for electric scooters is wide. You can probably buy an electric scooter for as cheap as $150, but most of the models in that range would probably be for young children. Also, you’d have to be really careful buying this cheap as quality might not be as good. Some popular electric scooter models for kids cost an average of $200 or more. 

    Children’s electric scooters are loads more affordable than adult e-scooters because they have lower specifications, and are just glorified toys. You can’t really use most models for more than playing around. 

    However, adult e-scooters can range from recreational to commuting to extreme sports. These usages require different levels of power and performance. As such, prices tend to go higher, the more top-quality the e-scooter is. 

    Electric scooters that are just for entertainment can be bought for $500 or less. These are the e-scooters that have low-capacity batteries and adequate motor power, enough for you to stroll around the neighbourhood every once in a while. We don’t recommend purchasing these scooters for adults. 

    Electric scooters used for daily commutes will require better battery capabilities and higher motor power than the group above. As such, most daily commuting e-scooters fetch for about $600 to $1000. These electric scooters can reach farther distances and perform better due to its quality motor and battery power. The higher the performance capabilities of your commuter scooter will also affect the price, so be ready for that.

    Out of all the electric scooter categories, off-road scooters will definitely be the most expensive. Performance e-scooters are very particular when it comes to their specifications as they are mostly used by serious enthusiasts and athletes. Aside from spectacular acceleration and top speeds that can go beyond 65kph and unparalleled ranges over 120km, these e-scooters also have more complex inner workings like brake systems, dual motors, better suspension, and so much more. As such, off-road electric scooters have price tags that go from $1,800 to $2,500 on average. Particularly excellent performance e-scooters can go as high as $3,500 or more.

    What Are The Fastest Electric Scooters?

    While sports enthusiasts and serious athletes place importance in maximum speeds, most people should consider this feature secondary. Most countries have a speed limit for electric scooters which averages between 20 to 30 kph. So even if you have a fast e-scooter, you wouldn’t be able to ride it to its maximum potential.

    However, if you are a sports enthusiast looking for a new, exciting ride, there are brands that cater to your needs. Zero and Kaabo have a lot of options when it comes to fast electric scooters. 

    The Zero 8 and Zero 9 have top speeds of 36 kph and 45 kph respectively. These are sporty speeds for typical commuter scooters. And speaking of speedy commuter e-scooters, the Kaabo Skywalker line can reach speeds of up to 60 kph.

    For obvious reasons, off-road electric scooters are more powerful and faster than commuter scooters. It’s no surprise that most off-road e-scooters have higher top speeds. The Zero 10X has a top speed of 65 kph, and Kaabo Mantis has 60 kph. But if you’re really into the rush, there’s no better choice than the Zero 11X with a top speed of 90 kph.

    What Is The Best Electric Scooter Helmet?

    Of course, you have to keep yourself safe and secure while riding an electric scooter. Just like a traditional bicycle or motorbike, wearing a helmet can be beneficial (and is, more often than not, required).

    It’s a good thing then that helmets for electric scooters are coming out. Below are some of the best helmets you can get for your daily commutes or next thrilling adventure:

    The Segway Ninebot Helmet is the official helmet of the fan-favourite brand. You can use them with your electric scooters but also with traditional bicycles. The helmet is made from lightweight Polycarbonate with an Expanded Polystyrene lining inside for maximum comfort and protection. It clips on easily and also features an innovative adjustable dial for a more personalised fit. What’s more, the Segway Ninebot Helmet was made through an integrated moulding process that allows it to provide fantastic shock absorbance.

    The Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet is another excellent helmet from a famous brand that you can use for e-scooters, bicycles, and skateboards. It is also made with a Polycarbonate outer shell and high-density Expanded Polystyrene for the inside. It features more vents for better sweat removal and breathability. Plus, the Xiaomi Smart 4u helmet is excellent for daily commuters because of its modern Lighting Modes. You can choose from 7 LED warning lights so that you can alert both pedestrians and cars when out riding. 

    How Do I Fold An Electric Scooter?

    Not all electric scooters can be folded, but most of them have this capability. Folding your electric scooter will depend on the brand and model you get. Some brands have an easy one to three-step folding systems, while others have a more sophisticated method.

    Here are a few examples of folding electric scooters:

    All Segway electric scooters follow a One-Push Folding System. All you have to do is step on the small pedal located at the front of the scooter’s foot surface. The scooter’s mainframe will automatically fold and lock into the rear mudguard.

    The Xiaomi M365, M365 Pro and Ninebot Max have a folding system that follows 3 easy steps. All you need to remember is flip, fold, and clip. Flip down the folding lever, fold the mainframe, and clip the scooter’s bell to the latch located at the rear wheel.

    The Mercane electric scooters feature different folding mechanisms. The Mercane WideWheel makes folding a unique feature and advertises its compact size. It uses a unique threaded locking mechanism to fold the scooter’s stem. This mechanism is sturdier but slower than most quick folding mechanisms. The handlebars of this model also fold and are very quick to activate.

    The Mercane MX60 is definitely one of the largest e-scooters on this list (and is significantly heavier as an off-road model) but can still be folded. You can wrap both the scooter’s stem and handlebars, but it takes more time than other models. That’s because it makes use of a large locking knob that you need to screw and unscrew.

    Most Zero scooters including the 8, 9, 10 are easy to fold. You just need to push down on the lever found at the bottom of the scooter’s stem, unscrew the middle of the handlebars to fold them down, and push the stem downwards until it locks in place.

    The Kaabo Mantis uses quick-release clamping for you to fold its stem, and it requires no further adjustments once the stem locks into place. The handlebars have a latch that secures them to the rear fender.

    The Kaabo Skywalker 10S uses a single lever to fold its stem. It also has a plastic safety tab to keep the scooter from accidentally folding while you’re riding. The stem locks in place once folded. The handlebars quickly fold and unfold, using a sliding collar mechanism.

    How Do You Charge An Electric Scooter?

    Charging electric scooters are quick and effortless. The first thing you need to do is to read the manual to locate the necessary parts and accessories. You should also make sure that you know your e-scooter’s charging time.

    Next, get your electric scooter and locate the charging terminal on it. It can usually be found somewhere around the foot surface. Plug in your charger, and then plug the other end to the correct wall outlet. 

    Lastly, wait for your battery to reach ‘full’ and unplug your charger and scooter.

    Can Electric Scooters Get Wet?

    The downside to electric scooters is that not all models can get wet. It all depends on the waterproof rating your electric scooter has.

    Most commuter scooters can tolerate a bit of splashing during light storms or when encountering shallow puddles, but it is not advisable to do so. 

    Off-road electric scooters have higher waterproof ratings and are more durable when it comes to situations with water. Of course, this doesn’t mean that electric scooters should be submerged.

    When it comes to water resistance, some electric scooters have two ratings. Sometimes the waterproof rating differs for its battery and for its mainframe and/or motor. So make sure to check your e-scooter’s specifications thoroughly.

    How Heavy Are Electric Scooters?

    How heavy your electric scooter is depends again on the model you’re going to get. Typically, commuter scooters are lighter since portability is an essential feature that most daily commuters look into. The more expensive, off-road scooters tend to be heavier. 

    Some lightweight commuter scooters are:

    • Segway Ninebot ES2 (12.25 kg)
    • Segway Ninebot ES4 (13.97 kg)
    • Xiaomi M365 Pro (14.20 kg)

    Off-road scooters tend to be more substantial since they contain heavier and sturdier parts, both internal and external. 

    Some off-road scooters that weigh significantly heavier are:

    • Mercane MX60 (27 kg)
    • Kaabo Mantis (27.8 kg)
    • Zero 11X (52 kg)

    Can Electric Scooters Go Up Hills?

    Most off-road electric scooters boast of better uphill climbing capabilities than commuter scooters. The average climbing angle capability of commuter scooters is around 10 to 15 degrees. Off-road scooters can climb angles of approximately 35 degrees.

    The Segway Ninebot MAX and Kaabo electric scooters have high uphill climbing capabilities for their respective models.

    How Do I Start An Electric Scooter?

    The electric scooter was designed so that everybody, regardless of experience, can ride it. If you allow it, even a young child can start and ride an electric scooter. Starting your electric scooter is easy, and it only takes 5 steps.

    1. Power up your e-scooter by pressing the On switch.
    2. Locate the hand and/or foot brake on your e-scooter.
    3. Turn the throttle gently to increase or decrease power.
    4. When you’re ready to stop, gently press on the hand or foot brake.
    5. Once stationary, switch off your e-scooter.

    Where Can You Ride Electric Scooters?

    The areas you can ride your electric scooters will depend on where you live and the laws regarding e-scooters in your location. Some laws will prevent you from riding electric scooters in public places like roads, footpaths, public parks, parking lots, and the like. Read up on your area’s rules and regulations to ensure that you’re following every guideline.

    But as a general guide, most commuter scooters are designed to go on paved and smooth roads. They might not be durable enough for off-road riding (or at least, the ride won’t be as comfortable).

    Off-road scooters are more resilient and can be ridden on most kinds of terrains.

    Electric Scooter Safety Tips

    When riding electric scooters, you should always keep in mind your safety and the safety of those around you. Here are a few safety tips to remember: 

    Learn the Law 

    Read about the rules and regulations in your area regarding electric scooters. This allows you to understand how fast you can go while riding, and the places you can ride your scooter on.

    Some areas allow you to ride electric scooters on footpaths and bicycle lanes while others prohibit you from riding in places that pedestrians use. 

    Wear a helmet

    Like bicycles and skateboards, riding an electric scooter can still result in accidents. Wearing a helmet and other precautionary equipment can protect you better than going without.

    In the past year alone, a spike in electric scooter-related injuries have occurred, and this includes traumatic brain injuries. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so wear a helmet.

    Check your tires

    Before riding away, make sure that the tires on your electric scooter are in tip-top shape. Check that all your tires have good pressure and the treads are not yet worn out. You can also get into accidents when you ride with sub-par wheels.

    Focus on your surroundings

    Concentrate on the happenings around you. Look out for pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and other obstacles to avoid accidents from happening while riding your electric scooter.

    Don’t use scooters during rain or lightning storms

    Keep in mind that electric scooters run because of electrical energy. During lightning storms, stop using your e-scooter immediately and look for shelter.

    In light of this, it is also best to refrain from using your electric scooter in wet terrain as it can destroy the scooter components. If this is unavoidable, cruise slowly.

    Where To Buy Electric Scooters?

    Buying electric scooters is easy and effortless, but there are a few things to look for from the place you buy. Make sure that the company has great customer service, this is a must. Check their Google Reviews and product reviews and you'll see some common themes. Servicing is another important factor, making sure that the company are able to service your scooters is a must as things can go wrong or break. Finally warranty is important with the addition of being able to pick up the phone and call someone if there are any issues. Note that some heavier / off-road electric scooters will cost a lot to ship, so go to a store that offers free shipping.

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