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Gotway MSuper X Mega Thread

I got my MSuperX today and had a 30 km ride throught the city center and crowds of people.


  1. very nimble, unexpectedly for a 19.5" tire and 1600Wh battery weight
  2. very fast, both top speed and acceleration/decceleration, without any effort
  3. big wide tire ignores almost everything that does not look like a huge obstacle
  4. "hard" responsive pedals. Controller does something funny with them in deep turns and series of bumps, but I stopped noticing it after 10 km or so
  5. bling bling


  1. Stock charger is weak and charging with it takes forever, so fast charger is a must have.
  2. Stock mudguard is not included, you'll have to pay for it and it needs to be screwed into the plastic, there are no holes prepared for it... So I plan to do a makeshift mudguard with 2-sided duct tape and part of plastic bottle, V3 classic. Without mudguard, all the dirt will fly to your back and faces of ppl behind you.
  3. The body shape hurts legs with upper edge, sidepads don't help at all. The more you ride, the more it hurts legs and after some time that's the only thing on your mind. Best is to remove stock sidepads - they're glued very badly anyway - and to make yours with multiple layers of somthing soft and leg-friendly.
  4. Better not to look inside the body, especially if you saw how KS18L or Z10 look like when disassembled
  5. Old GotWay Android app doesn't connect to MSX, and latest one from crashes infinitely on launch, so I use a german version from Play Market, which can't set alarms and tiltback hither than 36 kph, so I just disabled them, using common sense and experience as limiters.

The angled pedals didn't bother me at all, suprisingly, no discomfort of any kind, though it's a good idea to increase their angle a bit - no idea who made them like this and for what.

I liked how the wheel goes very much, it's GOOD. Increase the angle of pedals a bit, make custom side pads, get a fast charger and it's an endless cruiser that will take you anywhere fast and with fun.


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