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Yuneec E-Go 2 Preview


Yuneec is coming out with a new board this year. Not much fuss has been made about the matter, a video reached the surface showcasing the different specs of the new Yuneec E-go 2 and also of a new board the Yuneec Exo. This Yuneec Exo will be an offroad board competing with the evolve AT series amongst other. Smart move yuneec smart move..

If you haven’t heard about Yuneec they are a Chinese engineering company manufacturing Drones, Electric Skateboards etc… In the electric skateboarding world they are known for their E-Go Cruiser board. A good board coming in at one of the cheapest prices out there.Their previous board is loved amongst many because of the low price point, good range and good customer support. Many riders however quickly turn to a boosted Board or Evolve because the Yuneec lacks speed and becomes boring rather quickly.

Let’s take a look at what these new boards will have to give!


Range 18 miles/ 30 km
Speed 12,5 mph/ 20kmh
Hill Incline 10%
Weight Not given yet


So as we can see the speed hasn’t been improved upon. A shame because that could make this board a real winner. It seems that the range hasn’t been changed as well. Neither has the motor performance, the possible hill incline is still stuck at 10%.

So performance wise they did not change too much. Quality wise I hope they did then. In their product video they claim improved trucks for a smoother carve but that’s also where it stops.

New design

Specification wise the board has not changed much from its predecessor but design wise it has. A lot. Yuneec is coming out with 5 new color variations.

The shape of the E-go has been changed as well, from a downhill shape to a more cruiser type of longboard. The board shows more concaveness and a kick-tail for better handling.

These new color variations are nice, but it’s a shame they didn’t up the specs.
If they keep their prices as with the Ego 1, I have no doubt about it, it will sell like hot cakes!

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