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Best electric scooters for adults

Many people assume scooters are simply retro toys for children. But with high quality, performance-orientated electric scooters having zoomed onto the market in recent years, scooters are now firmly available for fun-loving adults to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle to get you from A to B, or an off-roader for remote adventures, there is an electric scooter for every adult – but what exactly should you look for before making a purchase? What will you be using your e-scooter for? When buying an adult electric scooter, identifying the main motive for your purchase will help determine...

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Best electric scooters for commuting

With the stress of busy roads and jam-packed public transport, it’s no surprise that commuters are often on the look out for a way to improve the quality of their journeys to and from work. In countries other than the UK, where it is legal to use them on public highways, many have turned to personal transportation devices – such as electric scooters or e-bikes – in a bid to speed up their daily travels and become more sustainable travellers. Why use an electric scooter to commute? Kinder to the environment As they are powered by a rechargeable electric motor, e-scooters...

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Electric scooters for heavy adults

Far from being toys, electric scooters are widely marketed at – and used by – adults. However, there’s no denying that the range of e-scooter models specifically designed for larger adults is limited. So what options are available, and what considerations should be made before purchasing? Electric scooter weight capacity All electric scooters are advertised with a maximum rider weight limit, with most supporting between 55kg – 100kg. Whilst a limit of 100kg will be enough to carry most riders comfortably, there will still be a segment of the population for whom this limit may not be suited. Although maximum...

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Gotway MSuperX Electric Unicycle Review : The ultimate long range cruiser?

31mph on an electric unicycle! If that sounds extreme to you, you aren’t alone. Gotway’s Tesla, Nikola and MSuperX feature huge powerful motors and the batteries to match. In this review we strap on our safety gear, unbox the crowning MSuperX model and put that 100 mile range claim to the test. Gotway's MSuperX at a glance Class-leading 31mph (50km) top speed 100 mile (160km) maximum range Powerful 2000w (peak) motor Massive 1600 Watt Hour battery Large, stable 19inch wheel with wide tyre Heavyweight 23kg 55cm tall, 47cm long and 18cm wide Sold out Jump to a section: Chunky, unique looksComfortable cruiserOur largest wheel yetPowering the unit onCharging that huge batteryLights, handle, actionGotway smartphone companion appLong...

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Head-to-head: Pure Air Pro vs. Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooters

If you’re in the market for an e-scooter that you could rely on day-in, day-out, then in the emerging e-scooter market your choices have usually been limited to manufacturers like Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway and Inokim: well-regarded brands that have produced e-scooters that have set the standard for the past few years. Now though, we are proud to offer our own e-scooter, the Pure Air Pro, as a true alternative to the established order – especially the market-leading Xiaomi M365 Pro, which (alongside the Xiaomi M365) has topped the charts in terms of e-scooter sales in recent times. But how do they stack up in a head-to-head? Here’s our...

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